Protect your server, vps and hosting against DDoS attacks up to 1Tbit/s

DDoS Protected Hosting, SSD VPS & Dedicated Servers

CyberGroup Hosting has greatly improved its network in the last years. With DDoS attacks getting bigger and more frequent every day, we have built a very solid network to protect our customers in the Netherlands against the largest of attacks. For our DDoS Protection we have tested several DDoS appliances from different vendors to select the best product. After a long testing period we have selected A10 Networks. The CyberGroup Hosting DDoS Shield is built with several A10 Thunder TPS appliances, located in multiple locations to prevent service disruptions during attacks up to 1Tbit/s with a maximum detection time of 3 seconds.
The A10 Thunder TPS appliances offer extremely effective mitigation of multi-vector DDoS attacks. Combined with our very advanced network architecture including Flowspec and OpenFlow, we can offer you the best protection for your mission critical hosting environment.
The WorldStream DDoS Shield is located completely on-premise and will protect any hosting environment, such as:
Webservers, Streaming media servers, Gameservers, Nameservers and so on...