Can Companies Ignore DMCA? Is Offshore Hosting DMCA Safe? | Our DMCA Policy

About CyberGroup DMCA Policy

The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyrights Act) put in place a series of copyright laws effective in both the United States as well as the WIPO (World International Property Organization).
As the DMCA can be challenging to interpret and is often exploited to bring down legitimate websites, we have included a short explanation about copyright laws relevant to the hosting world and a brief review of CyberGroup Hosting’s policies on this matter (for our VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting).

The Problem With DMCA & Copyright Complaints

Tens of thousands of abuse complaints are sent to hosting companies around the world every day.
It is not always easy to determine which complaints describe real illegal activities and which complaints are simply trying to exploit hosting providers that do not have the backbone to stand up and protect their customers. The latter type of complaints works by reporting legitimate content as one that violates copyright laws or trademark laws.
DMCA ignored hosting provides peace of mind to those who wish to host legitimate content but are continuously forced to remove it by their hosting provider, because someone, somewhere – demanded it.

Can companies ignore DMCA complaints?

Any hosting company that promises to ignore any and all DMCA complaints is a “company” you should stay clear from.
A company that states it ignores abuse complaints altogether is acting illegally and placing your business or websites in the hands of such a company is incredibly risky. If these “companies” are okay with breaking one law, what’s stopping them from breaking another and, for example, steal your money?
But Wait, There's More! DMCA ignored hosting is possible!
That being said, there are things that hosts can do to protect your rights as their customer, especially against the large quantity of misuse that comes with the DMCA laws and other copyright complaints.
In order to legally host you, your business and whatever content comes with it – companies need to think of elaborate ways to ensure only legitimate, valid complaints are handled and the illegitimate, fake or otherwise invalid DMCA complaints – are ignored.
While the majority of hosts will not even care enough to go the extra mile for you and your business, we at CyberGroup Hosting will go above and beyond to ensure that all DMCA complaints are submitted in full accordance with the law.

Is CyberGroup Hosting a DMCA ignored hosting provider?

CyberGroup Hosting will generally ignore copyright complaints submitted via email. CyberGroup Hosting is a DMCA ignored hosting provider in that we protect our customers from the illegitimate use of copyrights and DMCA complaints. Illegitimate use includes submission of copyright reports for content which does not violate any copyrights.
This happens far more often than you might think and the majority of hosting sites will throw you under the bus in fear as soon as any complaint is received. If we believe that an abuse report is fake or otherwise does not represent an actual copyright infringement, we will ignore it. Plain and simple.
It is not uncommon for individuals or groups to attempt to strong-arm a hosting provider to suspend customers, even before any relevant proof comes in. Instead, when faced with this pressure, we stand up for your rights and demand that the complaint will be handled by the books. We have lawyers too and we know how to use them.
More importantly, to help reduce the number of empty threats and improper use of the law, it is our policy to require that abuse complaints will be submitted through postal mail.
DMCA reports sent via email are generally ignored. In some cases, we may honor complaints sent through emails if we deem that enough proof has been provided or if we’re interested in getting the customer’s feedback regarding the complaint.
With this unique and industry-pioneering policy, we act as a safeguard and provide DMCA ignored hosting you can rely on.

What if a complaint is received through postal mail?

You might be asking yourself, ‘what happens if CyberGroup Hosting does receive a copyright complaint via registered mail?’. Great question.
We are not a ‘suspend first, ask questions later’ hosting provider unless the circumstances of the abuse case force us to take immediate action. Such circumstances are very rare.
Rather, we contact you directly and request feedback about the complaint. DMCA complaints are rarely black and white affairs and we will not treat them as such. Helping our customers fight against those willing to abuse their legal rights and make improper demands through copyright law is a mission we take very seriously. That’s why we’ve helped our customers fight back illegitimate copyright complaints for more than 10 years.

Is this what your business needs?

Simply put, it is rare to find a hosting company that will have your back in fighting rampant abuse of DMCA laws.
Here at CyberGroup Hosting, we believe in the integrity of copyright law and will abide by it. While we will never support copyright violations in any way, we will help safeguard you against individuals attempting to abuse the law without evidence.
We Have Your Back! Ignoring DMCA when it is not legitimate is part of our service!
Far more common than you might think and a proven technique for destroying competitive websites on other hosting sites, we refuse to give in to these idle threats and breaches of the law. While every legitimate copyright complaint will be handled in a manner fair to both parties, we will not automatically assume your guilt and cut hosting of your site. As a final consideration, since the DMCA is a US law and not an EU or Latvian law, CyberGroup Hosting reserves the right to demand alternative forms of reports from whomever is reporting the alleged abuse.

Note: Our policy for websites hosted on our shared web hosting plan is different. Contact us for details.